How to Lose 14 Pounds in 3 Months

This is a true story. Nothing fancy, just common sense and commitment. A great way to also increase longevity and health. If you are interested click here. The only thing I don’t like in this short report is the idea of skipping breakfast. I would just recommend avoiding greasy animal food and sugary stuff and replace it with some fruits and vegetable. For the rest I would add that her technique is great to increase self esteem. When you make a commitment go for it until you get the wanted result. A great side effect is that you feel great and prepare yourself to the next step whatever you decide it to be.

Wellness Tips for this Year

Dr. Megan Hood, a clinical psychologist with an expertise in stress management at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, said trying to attain a more stress-free existence is a pretty popular goal around the holidays and the new year.

But staying away from stress is not as simple as making a New Year’s Eve wish.

  • Enjoy the moment. Don’t always rush ahead to the next thing, Hood cautions. Take a second to just enjoy the small things in life: a catchy song playing, a nice smell or something positive going on around you.
  • Plan ahead—when you can. Having plans and maintaining schedules is a good thing, but make your goals manageable and realistic, and don’t worry about anything out of your control, Hood says.
  • Be active. Plan an activity with your family that doesn’t involve vegging out on the couch, Hood advises.
  • Have healthy snacks available. In accordance with your overall health, be sure to eat foods that are good for you, especially after splurging on holiday food.
  • Do something that makes you feel good. The holidays involve giving gifts to others, but don’t forget about yourself when they are over. Hood recommends participating in whatever brings a smile to your face, whatever you enjoy, especially social groups or activities.
  • Volunteer. Helping people helps us feel positive and better about ourselves, Hood says.  
  • Take deep, short breaths. Don’t underestimate the power of deep breathing. When you trick your body into relaxing, the mind and the thoughts follow, Hood explains.
  • Expect the best. Always be positive, Hood adds. If you intentionally expect good things and good results, you’ll probably get them.

Resveratrol Key to Longevity?

Scientist of Hong Kong University can extend healthy lifespan by 30 per cent. Read this article of the South China Morning Post:

If you hope to live a longer, healthier life, scientists at the University of Hong Kong may have unlocked clues to help you do just that.

Scientists studying Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), a genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly, have found that by over-expressing the “longevity gene” Sirtuin1 in mice with HGPS, they can extend the animals’ healthy lifespan by 30 per cent.

“HGPS and normal aging have a similar mechanism,” said Zhou Zhongjun, associate professor of HKU’s biochemistry department. He said his team extended the mice’s healthy lifespan by giving them Resveratrol, a substance found in grape skin and wine.

The substance causes Lamin A, a protein in the body, to more strongly express the Sirtuin1 gene, which in turn stops the decline of adult stem cells and delays the mice’s ageing process.

While more studies have to be done to find out if Resveratrol will similarly benefit humans and whether it has harmful effects in larger doses, Zhou is hopeful: “[The savings to] health care costs will be phenomenal if we can decrease the time people are sick.”

Children with HGPS live for just 13 years on average.

Fitness and longevity

Want to live two more healthy years? Practice  at least 150 minutes a week of moderate to vigorous physical intensity exercise.

“The scientists looked at 15,174 top athletes from nine countries, who won Olympic medals from 1896 to 2010. They were matched against ‘controls’ – i.e. people of the same age and sex and from the same country, who weren’t leading athletes”.

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Plasticity of the brain

Are you aware of the latest research in neuroscience; the neuroplasticity of the brain? It’s the ability of the brain to heal or restructure itself and form new habits after training. Your thoughts activate neurochemicals. “For example, serotonin, dopamine, opiates, oxytocin, these are not only neurochemicals that enhance the experience of self-esteem and happiness, but they also modulate the activity of the immune system and fine-tune it”. To read the full article click here.