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How would You Like to Feel Really Great
Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually?

I always wanted to, but nobody showed me the way! So I started a long quest for new unexplored paths to create a Happy Healthy Balanced Life. It took me 30 years of research and development.

Yes, I’m a slow learner :-), besides Sages have been looking for exactly that since the beginning of times to little or no avail. They did not have however the tools we have, like the screen you are reading right now.

I started by asking myself a few basic questions and now invite you to share the pleasure of experiencing the new unique proven system I developed to create the meaningful life you really want.

StressMaster the Ultimate Stress and Self Management Tool

What if you were on this planet to learn, grow, love and create a better life for everyone, you included?

What if, to achieve this mission, you had an unlimited amount of creative energy, unique gifts and talents?

What if you also had, as part of your immune system, a set of emotions like fear, anger, hate or disgust to help you avoid or survive dangerous circumstances?

And what if these survival mechanisms, which are there to protect you from danger, could become your worst enemies, when they block your creative energy in daily life?

What if these negative emotions then became the major cause of your addictions and bad habits, impacting your health, limiting your capacity to create and maintain quality relationships, wealth or anything else you want and making your life mission nearly impossible to realize?

What if you had the power to optimize your own level of energy, get rid of its blockages and exponentially increase it at will, but never learned the secret to do so?

What if finally learning these secrets could be fun and allow you to totally change your life?

What are these tools that boost or limit your energy level? Like me you probably never learned at school what they really are and more importantly how to use them to get the results you want. The major energy brakes are your negative emotions. They are so powerful that they can completely stop any productive action or initiative. Ever tried to start your bike completely blocking your wheels with both brakes? Not easy to say the least! Your negative emotions like fear, hate, disgust and others are your energy brakes.

The Good News now!

We can all

Self Growth Star increase our Emotional Intelligence

Self Growth Star Reach our Optimal level of Wellness

Self Growth Star Optimize our Relations at Home and at Work

Self Growth Star Make our Dreams come True with Peace of Mind

Self Growth Star Enjoy Life to the fullest whatever happens

Keep reading, even if you are now absolutely certain it can’t be done. I thought so myself before I made some amazing discoveries! With the proper software, the personal computer, tablet or smartphone you have in front of you right now is the ultimate Self Growth tool. Learn how to easily control your mood, thought and behavior so that you consistently get the results you want, not those you don’t want.

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From: Boris Clair
RE: New Ways to Optimal Wellness

You might ask yourself: “Why would I need a piece of software for my Personal Development?” Don’t people use books, CDs or tapes, videos, seminars or even counseling when they want to change their behavior like getting rid of an addiction to nicotine, lose weight, stop abusing drugs or be more productive? But a computer program? What a strange idea!

In a book you will find lots of information. Reading books is very good. But what if you don’t do anything with this new acquired knowledge? Do you think it will miraculously change your life, just reading it?

The real question is: how to deliberately change habits and create a healthy fruitful life? Unless you take action and start changing those of your habits that are now known to shorten your life, you will not add one year, not even one hour, to your potential for a happy healthy life.

Interactive eCourses is the answer!

If you are serious about your own Personal Development, you have tried most, if not all, the traditional tools.

star Books. Reading self growth books is certainly a great idea, but it is difficult to apply in daily life the wisdom they contain. Books are linear by nature and once read most end up gathering dust. It is not easy to carry a whole library of appropriate books for every day to day life situation.

star Audio tapes and CDs are great for commuting, but they are listened to outside the needs of real life. Except maybe to calm your anger when some dummy driver endangers your life…

star Seminars are very expensive (in the thousands of dollar price range) and generally reserved to corporate executives. Their major drawback is that they only deal with real life simulations.

star Films and seminars can have a great emotional impact. How many really changed your behaviors and improved the long term quality of your life?

star Counseling can be indispensable, but is even more expensive than seminars and usually done too late, when a crisis occurs that could have been prevented with earlier appropriate guidance.

So why Interactive eCourses and why now? Have you noticed how things have changed in the last few years? You are reading this text on your Personal Computer and guess what?

Computers are the ideal tool for Personal Development.

* You can ask the right questions to make important decisions.

* It’s like having your Personal Coach 24 hours per day/7 days per week/365 days per year.

* You can write your thoughts on the spot and reflect on them later.

* You can practice exercises or answer quiz when you want.

* You can integrate your Interactive eCourse in your daily life.

* Computers are great at repetitive tasks, they never get tired, or sick! They never go on strike!

* They can mix text, images, sound and even videos.

* If you have a laptop computer or use a PC at work or at home, you know that it’s always available when you need it. Well, let us say most of the time, as these things are sometimes emotional too :-).

Think about the fabulous possibilities of the tool you have right in front of you!

Your Interactive eCourse can help you reach your top performance by mastering your states of mind. By asking the right questions you can change your focus and keep concentrating on your target whatever happens. Your Interactive eCourse helps you better yourself by training the parts of yourself you decide to improve.

* eCourses are weightless. Did you realize that your PC, laptop or PDA does not weight an ounce more when you download a program? Which appeals more to you, carrying a whole library with you or having a whole knowledge database instantly available in your laptop computer, your PDA or smart phone ?

* eCourses allow access to any information, contrary to a paper book you don’t have to search the index and go to the different pages that you are interested in. You just type in the topic you want to look for and instantly all the pages that contain the word appear on your screen.

* If you go to the table of content, just clicking on the subject you want to see will get you there in an instant.

* More importantly, when using the Wellness Power Book Series and my other software, with a click of the mouse you can open and use any program you are already familiar with, like your favorite word processor, email or web browser, and use them as usual. Great for a guided journal, quiz, practical exercises or database update. A new kind of Personal Development Software haven’t found anywhere.

* If you use your computer at home and at work, the Wellness Power Book Series gives you instant access to your Personal Life Coach whenever you need to make a decision or want some inspiration. This happens in real life, right when you need it. It is not like in a training seminar where you can only make simulations or pretend to live some event.

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There are many ways you can
restrict your creative energy.
For instance:

  • You feed your body with unhealthy junk food
  • Accumulated toxins block your body’s physical energy
  • You don’t feed your body with enough needed nutrients like vitamins and minerals
  • You don’t exercise enough
  • You have some hormone imbalance due to age or other reasons
  • Your immune system needs better care
  • Your life energy is electrically, magnetically, chemically or otherwise perturbed
  • You use poor stress management techniques
  • Your energy is blocked by automatic reactions to old painful emotions
  • Your Belief System brings conflicting and unwanted results
  • Your values need to be clarified
  • You still need fixing some addiction problem
  • Your energy is not focused on worthy rewarding goals
  • Your Self Talk is usually negative
  • Your Self Image needs minor or even major adjustments
  • You mismanage close relationships
  • You stopped learning and discovering the world to stay in your comfort zone You do not make full use of your unique gifts and talents to create and give Your spiritual life is inexistent or weak
  • You have no plans for your health, love life, career, wealth or any things you really want

You can discover the proper techniques to fix any of these problems with my Personal Development Software and with the new Wellness Power Book Series.

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Writing the Wellness Power Book Series has been a fascinating experience. New discoveries are made every day on Personal Development and the art of reshaping oneself. I found pearls of wisdom from ancient philosophies and from most religions of the world. I incorporated the latest breakthroughs and proven techniques of modern psychology and other sciences to change perception and behavior.

What appeared early in the quest was that a holistic approach was necessary to really get results. Every aspect of our life interacts with the others. You can be very successful in one, for instance creating wealth or becoming famous, and miserable in another like health or relationships. The end result is rarely what you really want. I also discovered that body and mind work in a very similar manner. For instance accumulation of toxic substances is at the root of most physical illnesses. Repeated toxic thoughts have the same destructive effect on your psychological wellness. To build muscles you need to use them over and over. To build character, you need to use equivalent repetitive Mind Building techniques.

Another fascinating new field of health psychology is the Food Mood connection. What you eat and when you eat it has a considerable impact on your emotional states. Your emotional states determine the quality of your life! So how do you create a Balanced Happy Life? I found out, not a very original discovery by the way, that it all starts with physical, mental and spiritual health. Without health life becomes a misery. Why do most people start at birth with a healthy vibrant body and then spend the rest of their life destroying it slowly but surely with unhealthy habits? Why is it that most of us have so little respect for this marvel of the universe that is a human body, our own body? Why are so many people irresponsible when it comes to their own health? Are doctors supposed to take care of it? They might be great at fighting some illnesses. Often they just mask the symptom instead of finding the real cure, but what about true health? Why wait until you have to be cut, burned or poisoned by modern medicine? Why not learn and apply the simple preventive techniques that guarantee a well functioning body and a strong immune system for life?

So I wrote “Mastering Nutrition” and the “Power of Exercise” as both nutrition and exercise have a considerable impact on optimal health. I focused on how to stay personally highly motivated to eat and enjoy healthy food and regularly practice some form of exercise, as motivation to change seems to be the weak point when people get addicted to junk food and sedentary life-style. The best way, if not the only way, to quit a bad habit is to replace it with a better one. But where do we learn how to do this? Now it’s right here in the Wellness Power Book Series.

I found the best available tools to get rid of a major killer, addiction to
nicotine. I am lucky enough to live in California where smoking is prohibited in most public building, but when I travel to Europe or other places I am amazed at the number of people who keep killing themselves with tobacco, not to mention the air they pollute for their own children and other people who do not smoke. Most of the techniques that work to stop smoking, work equally well to get rid of nearly any addictive behavior. So I thought “Stop Smoking” might help a lot of readers get back the freedom they lost to their own addictions.

The next step was to better understand stress. Why can we achieve great results when we are relaxed and suddenly fail to achieve the same results when we are under pressure? What is stress and what can we do to better manage it? I found out, tested and started to regularly practice 20 techniques that changed my life. You will find them in “Mastering Stress“. Many scientific studies show that the potential life span of human beings is around 120 years. Yet the effective average life is only about half that. Why? Centuries ago, and still in some countries today, the reason could have been lack of hygiene, lack of food or other curses, but what happens in industrialized countries where food is abundant, basic hygiene available and information easily accessible? My eCourse “Smart Aging” gives some answers and shows what to do to start, at any age, creating a long happy healthy life.

I am always puzzled by the ingenuity and creativity of people to screw up their life. What a waste! Could it be that humans are victims of some built-in failure mechanism? If so, who scripted this built-in mechanism? More importantly is it possible to re-engineer the system and transform it into a success mechanism? How? “Gardening Yourself” is a practical answer to this vital question.

Finally I realized that States of mind are the keys to success. Who is able to master his or her state of mind whatever happens, succeeds. Emotions are incredible sources of energy. How to choose the ones you want when you want? The answer lies in the magic sequence Thought, Emotion, Behavior, Consequences. “State of Mind Mastery” explains at length how to prompt the 8 major emotions and how to control your mood whatever happens.

I want you to practice this holistic approach to wellness and happiness. Remember that this series is not designed to be just read, but to be experienced. I offer the challenge of reshaping your self-image, discovering your true potential and becoming your best self.


Boris Clair


PS: I just act as your facilitator for change. You are totally in charge of your own growth. These new interactive tools let you choose your path to Self Discovery, they just make changes much easier. I hope you find here your daily motivation and inspiration.

PPS: I just want to share with you the fascinating power of your computer for Personal Development. I truly believe that if everybody reached their full life potential this planet would be a much better place to live. I understand that you might not know me and have a healthy doubt on the efficacy of this new way to use your computer. So here is what I offer you. Join the club now. It is free and you only have to give your first name and email address so that you can have instant access to the download page and test drive at no cost the Wellness Power Book Series and my award winning software StressMaster, WellnessMaster and the brand new Smart Wellness Energy. These are the full versions of the programs so you won’t have to download anything else.

You have free access to multiple sections so that you can get a feeling of what this is all about. Then with access to the detailed table of contents, you can decide to go one step further and if you find some other aspects of you life you want to improve get access to all techniques of the programs by acquiring a personal password. At that time you know exactly what you get.

Fair enough? You even have six full months, a 180 day money back guarantee, in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied for any reason. No success, no cost whatsoever! Free trial of the programs.

PPPS: Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

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